We founded Imaguru 7 years ago in Belarus as a community of people who value freedom and entrepreneurial ambition. Hundreds of startup founders were raised at Imaguru, participated in our events, and got funding from TechMinsk accelerator. Many of them have built super successful startups in the international market including 80days, GanttPro, Trackduck, Pandadoc, Friendlydata. One of the biggest success stories out of Belarus MSQRD which was exited later to Facebook started at our joint Imaguru/Garage48 hackathon in Minsk!

Back to Belarus together with talented and inspired Belarusians, we were building startup community known for its fantastic hardworking tech talent. We were always proud and inspired by the amazing stories of global brands originated in Belarus including Viber, Wargaming, EPAM, and many others.

Today everything that was built by the community in Belarus, our successes and achievements are undermined, and the talent pool and its future is in danger. Belarus is living through the toughest period in its history. People stand up for freedom, human rights, and dignity. The protest is being suppressed by excessive brutal force. Imaguru tech team lead Pavel was detained along with hundreds of tech sector employees, startup founders, and investors.

All this is shocking. Extreme violence, excessive force used by the police and special forces are not acceptable in the 21 century. This is genocide against Belarus citizens. We believe that only free, open-minded, talented people can build innovation, grow great companies, and change their country. These are the values Belarus is fighting for right now.

Imaguru Madrid HUB expresses solidarity with our team in Belarus. We call on all our international friends to support Belarusians in our fight for a free future. Imaguru Madrid HUB is providing free space, mentorship and support to all Belarusian startups who want to relocate to continue their business.  

If you are a community builder, investor or mentor and want to support Belarus startups, please contact us, we are open to new initiatives to support Belarus founders locally and globally.

During these challenging times for Belarus, we remain committed to our values and principles of freedom, empathy and entrepreneurial ambition. Imaguru continues its mission to support Belarusian entrepreneurs fighting for freedom, open up new opportunities for talented founders and teams, and connect them to global markets.

Violence against peaceful protesters should be stopped. Join us in raising your voice about Belarus. Just spread this message in your social media and among your community members.