Startup Lab

A series of workshops on how to start, run and finance your startup company.

We will go together with you through a startup journey covering different aspects of running a startup. From ideation, customers validation to financing and exit.

We will meet every Tuesday at Imaguru Madrid through October to May to discuss a different topic every week. You will have have weekly assignments so that you can implement the learning you get into real life and build a product of your dream. You can take just one workshop to improve a specific area of your company or go through all classes to build a company from scratch.

Oct-Dec 2019 Schedule

Week 1
29 october
Tech Startup

What is a tech startup journey? How different is it from traditional business? Everything you need to know about tech startup lifecycle before launching it.

Week 2
5 november

How find an idea that works? What are the best ideation tools? Is your startup idea a good for the market?

Week 3
12 november

Having a good idea is not enough. You have to build a product that is needed by your customers. You will learn how.

Week 4
19 november

You don't have to build a real product before validating it. Learn why MVP is important and how it can impact your business.

Week 5
26 november
Business models

Sometimes innovation is not a technology or product, it may be a business model. Think of Uber or Airbnb that created the whole new markets. Learn what business model is right for your startup.

Week 6
3 december

Every business is about sales, but before you get to it, learn how to educate your potential customers about your product and get their feedback.

Week 7
10 december
Customer Acquisition

what are the best channels to get your customers through? How much does it cost? What is your CAC?

Week 8
17 december
Startup metrics

Thought your startup journey you have to track tons of different things from your customers growth to revenue. You will learn what metrics are important for your startup at each specific stage.

We will continue with other topics to help you with your Startup when we return from the Christmas holidays. In 2020 you will reach the goals you have not been able to achieve in 2019. Imaguru is here to help you. For more info send an email to or call us 910 59 89 82.

1 week - 15€

8 weeks - 99€