The winners of the international blockchain hackathon organized in Madrid by Imaguru Startup Hub were announced this Sunday, April 24th.

40+ individuals have spent the weekend hacking on what we believe could become some of the most popular technology of the new time – blockchain. The hackathon was really international. We welcomed teams from Spain, France, India and Belarus. We enjoyed the company of mentors from Daimler Group (Germany) and Super World (USA). Among mentoring sessions the participants were involved in master-classes on Solidity, Pitching Skills, and Business Modeling.

The Winner of the hackathon has become Guide Smith, which is a Medical analysis tracking system for rewarding patients based on how healthy they’re. The product is well developed, they performed good team and they’ve created a working prototype. Guide Smith awarded with 1,000 SMR (Smartzio tokens ~ 210 EUR)

If you are interested, please check it out Presentation | Demo | GitHUB

The team was presented by Felipe Polo Ruiz, Ruben Romero Diaz, Josep Servat Lorca, Carlos Jiménez Góme, Ramiro Blázquez Gonzálezm Alvaro Suarez, Guillermo C. Martínez,  Virginia Ortiz, Ismael Bakkali, Javier Pérez- Escariz.

Overall, at the final stage there were presented the following projects:

BloqBoard – Platform for debt orders for DHARMA protocol.This is a marketplace for debts orders. It is borderless, you may raise debt capital from a global pool of investors, and it is tokenized, every loan is a tradeable cryptographic asset.

Industry: fintech


Link on demo

Team: Alex Bazhanau, Vitaly Bahanchuk (remotely)

Fresh Veg – Platform connecting farmers and fresh vegetables consumers via blockchain focusing on zero waste.

Industry: food



Team: Emmeline De Dios (team lead), Daniil Harapko, Ilya Syrtsou, Javier Garcia, Javier Marrodan

Escrow – A system which protects the seller and the buyer from dishonest fulfillment of the conditions by one of the parties.

Industry: fintech



Team: Andrey Lagunov

Chiron – Decentralized blockchain platform for training AI and machine learning algorithms.

Industry: AI, chatbot



Team: Theo, Sofia, Andrey Logunov, Fedor Morau.

Univereum  – Decentralized organization system for Universities

Industry: Education



Team: Alex Bazhanau

Crypto-events – Blockchain Platform for kids and teens events organizers




Team: Oxana Pan, Fedor Morau, Andrey Lagunov

So, besides the winners a jury panel highlighted Runner Ups:

Chiron. They got conditional 1 ETH (they will be awarded as soon as they complete a working prototype)

BloqBoard and Escrow. They will pitch at Venture Day Minsk Competition in front of the pool of international investors

While participants were running a marathon of coding, Madrid citizens enjoyed Madrid run marathon which inspired us very much.