Data Driven UX Design

Develop the product your users really want

10.12.2019@18:00 - 12.12.2019@21:00

10.12.2019 - 12 December
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18:00 - 21:00

Data Driven UX Design

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Develop the product your users really want

In order to become a truly customer centric company it is necessary to know deeply our market. How can we do that? In this workshop you will learn about user research types, mapping techniques, when to use each one and how to use the information gathered for the design and creation of your product. The first part of the class the facilitator will provide all the resources to understand each type of user research and mapping techniques, then the second hour the facilitator will explain a practical case and during the third hour participants will create gather their own data and create their own maps. Content: User research methods, Attitudinal vs Behavioural, qualitative vs. Quantitative, Context of Use, Empathy Map, Customer Journey, Service Blueprint, How to document and present these data. 


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«People don’t know what they want until you show it to them»

Steve Jobs 

Nobody ask him to build an iPhone, instead he and his team derived a solution from knowing deeply their customers’ needs. 

We will first study how to prototype, the tools and methods we have available and then we will put all into practice in two real world cases, the first one lead by the facilitator and the second one done by the participants. If you are wondering how to develop a product, this workshop is for you. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED, only hungry to learn and participate actively!

For Whom

All employees, managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers can profit from this workshop in which you will take home recommendations for quick-wins you can implement right away.

What will you learn

  • UX research
  • Agile Prototyping
  • How to present your findings to take action


Carlos Marchena

Head of Education Programs at Imaguru Madrid

Carlos has been the facilitator of Imaguru’s Madrid trainings since 2018. He has been resident at Google for Entrepreneurs Madrid and at IE Business School’s Area 31, where he obtained his Masters degree in 2005. Cofounder and Product Lead at GPLChain

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