Aspectos fundamentales de la Blockchain

¿Es blockchain la cura para todos los males?

February 17@19:00 - 21:00

February 17
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19:00 - 21:00
5 Paseo Marqués de Monistrol
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Aspectos fundamentales de la Blockchain

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¿Es blockchain la cura para todos los males?

It is the buzzword, the supposed cure of all evils. What is this technology really? How will it affect our lives on a personal and professional level? What jobs will be affected mainly? How can you benefit from this new change? All these questions will be answered in our workshop, so if blockchain is a topic that interests you, come! We are Imaguru, Startup Hub specializing in blockchain.

Objective: Inform on all the key aspects of this new technology and the Internet of Value. Give answers to your professional questions about the use of blockchain.


  • Transition from the internet of information to the Internet of value: how the problem of double spending has been solved.
  • The characteristics of a blockchain: immutable, decentralized and transparent.
  • Demonstration of how a block is created and remains unchanged through cryptography.

You will be able to see a demo of how blockchain works and see the transaction made by him who bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins.

    • Smart contracts ... are they not smart contracts?
  • Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies: the use cases and how it will change our lives.

Blockchain solves money distribution problems: how it is applied in tourism, in FinTech, in insurance, in the legal sphere.

  • What is expected by 2020.

How does our perception of blockchain change this year?

Impartido por: Carlos Marchena, fullstack developer with more than 5 years experience in blockchain, founder of a blockchain startup GPLChain, professor with 15 years of experience, lawyer licensed in international business law.

Interesting to: Public in general


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