The winners of the first international blockchain hackathon organized in Madrid by Imaguru Startup Hub were announced this Sunday, Dec 10th.

40+ individuals have spent the weekend hacking on what we believe could become some of the most popular technology of the new time – blockchain. Out of 20+ ideas announced initially, 7 teams were setup to continue developing their product prototypes. Teams were truly international – representatives of Spain, Belarus, China, and Netherlands participated in the final event.


Equchain, the winner of the hackathon, created a blockchain-based system aimed at disrupting the emissions trading market. The market auditors/regulators’ role is performed automatically by the smart contract in the ethereum blockchain, hindering tax-evasion, double spending and fraud problems. The team, consisted of IE students, was awarded with 3 ETH. 8 ETH will be awarded to the team upon the next milestone realization.

Other 6 team-participants were awarded with different prizes

Lingotts – a DAO where one can send the asset to a smart contract which will stake the currency and earn value, create a token representing the ownership of the asset effectively allowing users to use the currency while you stake it.

ProChain – a decentralized communities platform for professionals.

DEIP – a decentralized research platform that provides blockchain protocol to incentivize contribution to science and knowledge creation.

CryproSanta – blockchain awards system that allows parents, teachers, and trainers award children with tokens for the achievements.

Animal Shelter – a blockchain game, when while playing you fundraise for animals and nature organizations, kind of  “cryprokitties” for animals defend.

FairLancers – smart contracts for fair payments in the FreeLance’s industry.

The blockchain hackathon challenged technology professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, developers and other “blockchain enthusiasts” to develop prototypes to enhance blockchain economy, increase trust and transparency and drive innovation.

“This hackathon is just the start and we look forward to seeing many more initiatives around the use of blockchain technology in the coming months, said Tania Marinich, Imaguru founder. If you missed the hackathon, didn’t have time to realize your full vision, or are passionate about blockchain — be sure to connect with us at Imaguru Madrid and we’ll help you on your way.”

The next blockchain hackathon, planned for the spring 2018, will be the final event for Blockchain School for Developers that Imaguru Madrid plans to launch in early 2018.