In the world of technology and development there is also room for exciting and even romantic stories. After our blockchain hackathon, we have one and we want to share it with you (in confidence, of course).

We present the winning team of Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon, DOP Dapp, formed by Alejandro Saiz Otero and Carlos Marchena who developed the decentralized application for food products.

Why does did their story stand out? We will give it to you up to three answers to that question:

First: Alejandro who works as a technical sales representative in Castilla-La Mancha and is an enthusiast of new technologies came to Madrid specifically for our hackathon. He had never attended a hackathon and was not expecting to take home the first prize.

Second: Alejandro and Carlos met at the Imaguru hackathon. They did not know each other before and they were not sure how their team was going to be or if they would succeed in getting the project off the ground.

Third: In 48 hours, from the moment they pitched their idea, they prepared a demo, programmed the application in blockchain and also presented a very elegant and concrete solution that we will describe below. All this with the help of our mentors, developers of the Imaguru team and … the vibes of our event, without a doubt.

What is the project about? (Now those who know blockchain can read the description and those who do not have the deep knowledge of technology can enjoy the image below).

It is a smart supply chain built with Hyperledger Fabric that serves to track the origin and the entire route of each ingredient of a food product. The application is developed with Hyperledger Fabric, which consists of a semi-private network, with different access levels for different roles. In this way, users with different levels of privileges can be added: for example, the customer who purchases the product in the store can only see the route of the product, the worker can also change the status of the product within the network and the admin can create the different user levels and see all the information within the network. With the help of a QR code, we can see the entire process – from when the product was produced to the moment it is in the store.

And now the solution that we see in the image below: if we create a cookie with a 3D printer, we can print the last 4 digits with a laser and put them inside the product. This really impressive!

The application can have a lot of uses for all producers, warehouses, supermarkets and, most importantly, for the end user: for us. Using DopDapp we will be able to buy the right product and know exactly its origin and the route to our supermarket.

And now we give the floor to Alejandro and Carlos (in fact, when reading the stories that each of them had written, we started to suspect that besides having programming talent they have narrative talent).

Alejandro Saiz Otero, he had the idea of ​​the application:

It all started when I saw the news of a blockchain hackathon: I decided to sign up thinking it would be a place where they would give me an answer to all my doubts and concerns regarding blockchain. I had been looking for opinions about the training of this technology for a long time. So, I wanted to receive the advice firsthand from the people who deal with blockchain.

On the first day of the hackathon, I had to present my idea in front of everyone to find a team. I had many ideas but there was one that for family reasons (my wife is a cook) interested me in particular: how can we have the certainty of eating an elaborated organic product or a protected designation of origin?

I pitched the idea thinking that nobody would help me to such uneasiness of mine, but Carlos Marchena immediately presented himself telling me that he could help me carry out the project.

We signed up as the DopDapp team and we started to work trying to draw up an outline of our project.

The next day, on Saturday, was the first session with the mentors, we pitched project and we got several very important details that we would have to solve for the proper functioning of the project. We started to work hard and with the help of all the mentors we were given ideas that, little by little, we unstrung the project and made it useful for its proper functioning.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a masterclass from the developers of Imaguru on blockchain and about the crypto world. That was most definitely one of the best things of the event, the truth was impressive. In the afternoon, we were a little stuck on the final part of the project, but on Sunday, after the mentoring session, we went ahead.

The moment when it is time to make the final presentation is when you realize the good work that your teammates have done and the level of programmers and designers in the event. At the end of the presentation, was one of the best moments. After the tension of presenting, we all spoke to each other as if we had known each other for a while. We waited for the decision of the jury very calmly because after seeing the level that we had, we did not expect any reward, but when we were named the winner, you can imagine the joy. It is something that every person should experience and feel!

Independent of the prize, I am left with a great friendship with Carlos, relationships with blockchain geniuses, wise advice of the mentors and a connection with Imaguru.

Carlos Marchena, developer:

Participating in the Imaguru Blockchainthon has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. That same week, I had participated in another hackathon for which I had prepared a lot and in which I did not get any awards. I met Alejandro at the Blockchainthon event and when I heard him tell his idea, I thought immediately: «this is the winning idea». So once he finished his pitch and we started networking, I went directly to him to convince him to team up.

I will always be grateful to the Imaguru team for having created this event that allowed us on the one hand, to promote the adoption of this fantastic technology that is blockchain and, on the other, to establish connections with the participants, mentors, with Alejandro who was the genius behind the idea, with the possibility of generating a certain impact and improving our society.

As a programmer, I am left with the achievement of taking an idea at 6 o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday and presenting a functional demo on Sunday at 6 o’clock, with a floor move in between. I dedicate myself to this because I love helping people to realize their ideas using this magnificent tool that is programming. Thank you very much Imaguru for the awards, soon we will see you in your coworking space and from there, we will continue to make the dreams of so many come true.

And to share the emotions of those days, we offer you the video of the awards ceremony.

We are very proud of our winners and we wish them much success and also a lot of patience because they have days and months of work ahead of them.

The fact that the team was formed and made progress in our hackathon gives us one more reason to continue with the blockchain hackathons in Imaguru. We are waiting for you in the next blockchain hackathon in January 2019. You are still in time to ask for a great startup idea from the Magi!