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Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to change the world. We believe that given the right tools and resources people will do extraordinary things. For this reason we work tirelessly to support our international community of developers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders. Our mission compels us provide an exceptional platform of knowledge sharing. A place where innovation, self-determination, and a commitment to "change-the-world" ideas is valued and nurtured.
Our mission
IMAGURU was founded in 2013 in Eastern Europe with a simple idea: to provide entrepreneurs with life-changing opportunities for growth. Our idea was well received and quickly blossomed into a full-fledged pan-European hub for globally-minded technology ventures, investors, and corporates. To date, the organization boasts a community of 12,000+ talent, 1,000+ startups, 5000+ monthly visitors, and 300+ events per year—and we're not slowing down.
Our Story
Located in the very center of Madrid, IMAGURU campus is built upon two core ideas: entrepreneurship and technology. It is a space where a fun environment and active community generates new ideas and innovation. You'll dig it!
Our Space
The word "guru" is a term for "teacher" or "master". The guru is a respected individual who posses a vast wealth of knowledge. They inspire others, acquire followers, and often wear several hats. Master. Mentor. Advisor. Rest assured, our mentors are trained gurus who will teach you the ways of coding and entrepreneurship mastery. They will inspire you to believe that impossible is nothing.
Our Lingo
Our Community
Young and old, beginner to guru, our community is a diverse group of motivated individuals without limits or boundaries. Our members include:
1. Businesses-of-tomorrow. Fast-growing, innovative ventures aimed at the global market.
2. Developers-to-be. People with a passion for technology and a desire to learn.
3. Tech gurus, investors, and mentors who love to share their experience and knowledge.
Our Community
Our sizable community of alumni, mentors, and partner organizations make IMAGURU a premiere destination within the European tech and entrepreneurship scene.
Our Community
If you are passionate about technology, you want to learn and you are looking for a connection with a community of innovators, leaders and creators of the future ... IMAGURU is for you! If you are a leader or ambassador of the technological community, we will be happy to participate. Come join us and organize meetings in Imaguru. We would also be pleased to invite speakers to contribute to your community.
Our Partners
Success stories
The success story of MSQRD brought glory to Imaguru from the world start-up community, and attracted the attention of key experts and leaders of the world startup movement. The team won the hackathon at Imaguru. Meta acquired the app and incorporated its tools into the interface of Facebook and Instagram.
PandaDoc, which offers a comprehensive document management solution, announced the closing of round B with an investment of $100+ million and becoming a unicorn. It was one of the unicorns accelerated by Imaguru.
TrackDuck is a tool that allows web designers and developers to receive feedback from clients on a mockup or live website. Imaguru's hackathon was a great start for the project, so that the major prototyping and testing service InVision acquired it in 2017.
FriendlyData was among Imaguru residents and met one of their investors at Imaguru. Latter on the company was acquired by ServiceNow.
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