Spain will host for the first time the Hackathon Blockchain organized by Imaguru Startup Hub . 

There the attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy two days of activities and workshops related to distributed accounting technology, as well as develop their own applications beyond the world of cryptoactives.
The Blockchainthon call is aimed at technology enthusiasts, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, among others. Those interested in attending may meet between December 8 and 10 in the Imaguru space , located on Paseo Marqués de Monistrol, in Madrid.

The event offers prizes of 4 BTC and 40 ETH, whose amount will be distributed among the winners of Madrid and Minsk. The main objective of the initiative is to strengthen the common interest in this disruptive technology and strengthen the bonds of the community. Imaguru has already organized more than 40 similar activities, although this is the first one carried out in the Iberian country .

“The World Economic Forum referred to the blockchain as one of the seven technologies with the greatest potential to change our world drastically,” said Tania Marinich, founder and executive director of Imaguru, in relation to the potential of this technology in the world. come.

During the hackathon will address the global problems of greater scope in areas such as finance, health, education and electronic commerce, in order to provide solutions that offer the decentralized, transparent and unchangeable nature of the blockchain technology . In this event will participate blockchain developers from Minsk, Belarus., Who will contact the public in Madrid through the web.

In addition, participants will have access to tutorials by blockchain specialists, which is an important opportunity to get in touch with the development and implementation of this technology. Between the tutors they are Tania Marinich (CEO in Imaguru), Grigory Vasilkov (BSU in Blockchain & Smart Contract Labs) and Borja Gonzalez of the Regueral (CIO in IE School of Human Sciences and Technolgi).

On Sunday, December 10, the last day of the hackathon, the teams will present their prototypes to a group of experts who will be in charge of choosing the winners . The winning project will be presented to companies for its implementation and development.

Tania Marinich, Founder and executive director, Imaguru: More than 1,500 million euros have been invested for the moment in blockchain companies. Several studies predict global investments of many billions in this technology in the near future. This creates an additional growth potential for companies and countries that are leaders in this field. We believe that it is time for more Spaniards to know the blockchain technology and take advantage of their opportunities.

In Spain there has been an important growth of interest in blockchain, at the level that the University of Alcalá will offer a specialized mastery in this disruptive technology. On the other hand, cryptoactives have also become relevant among the Spanish public. The renowned investor, Eneko Knörr, announced the launch of an investment fund specialized in cryptoactives  born because of the attention that Spaniards have begun to show regarding this booming market.

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