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Nurture your innovations with Imaguru

Innovation Strategy Development


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Technical and Innovative Solutions for Corporations


If your company is interested in nurturing the innovations and cooperation with innovative technological startups, we will help you to organize this process for you in a highly-effective way. Since 2013, Imaguru has been connecting best startups with successful corporations and helping companies to develop their innovations.

  • Audit
  • Strategy
  • The Strategy
  • Integration


Imaguru Hackathons is a hackathons series on various tech topics. We hold hackathons for innovation driven corporations and startups to define global challenges and put them out for technologists to solve. In the last five years, we’ve developed open source technology solutions for more than 50 companies in Europe.

The latest technological verticals

We work together with companies that represent a wide variety of technological verticals. We were the first ones in Belarus who proclaimed the topic of fintech for the banking sector. Today we’re the pacemakers within the country, we work hard for development of crypto-currencies market. Among our customers are companies from the telecommunications sector, banks, industrial and logistics sector, health and trade enterprises.
  • Platforms of opportunity
  • Internet of Things
  • Fintech & Security
  • Brand & Retail
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Travel & Hospitality

Corporate Innovation

Innovative bootcamps is a week-long program to develop innovation within the company, that includes training of key company employees in the fields of methodology of innovations development, creative thinking strategy, methodology of working with startups, and also acquaintance with the key development trends of start-up and venture ecosystem, world technological trends and the fundamentals of venture investment system.
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Design Thinking is an approach that can be applied by anyone who is interested in improving or inventing a given product, service, process, experience, or strategy. We believe that innovation and problem solving is a skill that can be learned and that is of importance in all aspects of business.
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Imaguru Hackathons proved to be very successful by giving birth to a number of global products including MSQRD acquired by Facebook in 2015. Our community has grown to 5000+ top notch developers, designers, and founders. Having organized 50+ hackathons in 5 years, we know how to take most out of 48 hours of hacking, and make this time most efficient for both participants and partners. Imaguru Hackathon is the best place to meet top talent and motivated tech professionals. Let's code together, let's innovate together!
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We organize study tours to the best world ecosystems of innovation development, including the Silicon Valley, European countries and the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. We hold meetings in the offices of global technology brands and training seminars. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of innovation development and get acquainted with the best world practices in this field.
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Imaguru works with the best start-ups and helps talented programmers create innovative products. For your company, we will find an innovative product taking into account your specifics, individual requirements and investment interest.
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Based on our huge experience in Eastern Europe we deliver top notch outsourcing services to startups worldwide including those based in Silicon Valley and Europe. Our tech talents are ready to work on your short-term assignments to help your startup build great global products. We are as fast as you are!
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Imaguru is a great and unique platform united top tech talent. Our developers are ready to accept your company's challenge and suggest best tech solutions. Imaguru platform creates a specific competitive atmosphere where you can test our community's tech skills and choose the best talent.

Group of Raiffeisen Bank

Priorbank, part of Raiffeisen Bank, aims at taking a leading position in the market by developing and implementing fintech solutions. Imaguru helped PriorBank to immerse into the startup ecosystem by organizing FinTech Hackathons. For Priorbank, which provided data sets to selected startups and engineers, it has become a great tool to meet tech talent and get innovative solutions. This initiative helped Priorbank to get recognition of most innovative fintech bank in the market.


Visa, a global leader in transaction processing solutions, wanted to find a better way to engage startups to keep ahead of the innovation curve and find productive ways to work together. Imaguru engineers by using VISA’s open API during Imaguru hackathons, came over with a number of disruptive solutions. Getting so many startup ideas makes VISA plan to organize VISA hackathon specifically for seeking new ideas for the industry and develop a long-term partnership focused on plugging employees into the startup ecosystem. As a disruptive player in payment industry, Visa’s cooperation with Imaguru aims to encourage the smart technology trends in global payments.

Telecom Austria

Velcom, Telecom Austria Group arm in Belarus, came to Imaguru, looking for ways to help drive innovation in their business. Imaguru has offered a customized solution by organizing a corporate hackathon and helped drive the culture of intrapreneurship in the company. Imaguru was able to get 50+ Velcome employees involved into the creation of new ideas and to help them behave like real entrepreneurs while working for a large organization. Created during the hackathon solution VTune continued its development within a corporate acceleration program Talent Garden A1 in Vienna.

Life, Turkcell Group

Life, Turkcell Group telecom operator, aims at creating a culture that encourages out-of-the box thinking and entrepreneurial mindset. To ensure Life meets its goals, Imaguru designed a very practical and hands-on design thinking program for Life executives and employees. Life employees decided to break free from the comfort of their everyday workplace and immerse themselves in a unique environment that facilitates entrepreneurial thinking, as well as open their eyes to how startups work, at Imaguru Startup Hub. Life executives admired the fact that the company employees walked away with actionable insights, based on design thinking methodology from Stanford.


Daimler Group participated in Blockchain Hackathon in Madrid in April seeking for open source solutions and new innovative ideas from the teams. Worth to mention there were a couple of ideas of a software for self-driving cars pitched at the Blockchainthon. The Blockchanthon teams enjoyed mentorship from Daimler team and valuable feedback. Daimler team participated in judging of the Blockchainthon. Inspired by an open-minded community full of new ideas and solutions Daimler considers driving an international wave of blockchain hackathons.


EPAM (NYSE IPO), a leading provider of software product development services, is among top 12 fastest growing public tech companies globally. EPAM’s on-campus presence at Imaguru Startup Hub has created a unique environment for tech leaders to think and work like a startup, while also benefiting from access to emerging technologies being built by new teams born at hackathons. EPAM hackathons at Imaguru help the company expand their portfolio of solutions to be more comprehensive and offer more value and impact to current and new clients. For EPAM Imaguru has become a one-of-its-kind campus and ecosystem that fuels innovation by fostering connections with startups, like-minded innovators and industry thought leaders.

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