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Imaguru Blockchain Lab

Unique knowledge center with tech expertise from Eastern Europe

Imaguru Residence Program for Blockchain-powered Startups

We invite blockchain-powered startups to join Imaguru Residence Program and get everything to build a fast growing global venture. Learn more and apply for the program here

Imaguru Blockchain Tech Development

Imaguru tech team-in-residence provides corporations and startups with blockchain tech development services

We are ready to recruit a team of blockchain developers dedicated to specific needs of corporations having access to 300+ blockchain tech coders of senior and middle levelgraduated from Imaguru Coding Academy

We are your gateway to Eastern Europe tech talent community


Imaguru Blockchain Meetups

Every second Thursday started from September 20th we invite you to join Imaguru Blockchain Meetups. Imaguru invites unique speakers from the world blockchain community to share some knowledge and practices and to build community. After meetups we enjoy networking at Imaguru. Join Imaguru Blockchain Meetups for free!

Imaguru Blockchain School

Block 1. Orientation. Blockchain Basics. Perspectives. Trends.
Block 2. Blockchain Technology and Startups
Block 3. Blockchain Bitcoin. Products
Block 4. Decentralized and Crypto Funds
Block 5. Blockchain Ethereum
Block 6. Blockchain Emercoin
Block 7. Mining. Legal Aspects
Block 8. Blockchain Graphene, STEEM, Golos
Block 9. Crypto Security
Block 10. ICO, Crowdfunding. ICO Weekend
Block 11. Ideas Generation
  • Our school is a base for building up Imaguru blockchain community
  • Up to 30 days of everyday lectures and master classes for corporations' managers and developers
  • Overview of most popular platforms with the focus on practical skills + startup founders talks
  • School facilitates ideas generation process and creation of new ideas, teams and projects

Apply for the School

Imaguru Blockchain Hackathons

  • We have created a strong community of blockchain developers organizing Imaguru Blockchain Schools
  • We provide with our own team of developers to facilitate the creation of new solutions
  • Our hackathons are accompanied by master classes and mentoring sessions on blockchain technologies
  • We help corporations change and implement innovations with the help of our teams and startups

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